Baby Girl…

Well with all of my friends and relatives that are or have been pregnant this year, here is a baby card…And hands up if you noticed something different about this card…Anyone?

IMG_0368That’s right, NO STAMPING!!  And everything on this card is from the Rock-a-bye Girl Scrappin’ kit.  I am currently making a stationary box (like the one we are doing for the Christmas workshop on the 11th October) for a good friend of mine…The box will contain cards and birth anouncements plus envelopes and a note pad so she can make notes of what gifts she receives etc…I’ll post more as soon as I complete them.

Remember if you are thinking of coming to the Christmas Stationary Box Workshop, please RSVP as soon as you can as I will need to order the scrappin’ kits early October.

Well my three kids are finally asleep after a sugar filled morning (Jessica’s birthday party) so I think I’ll go join them…:)

‘Till Next Time,

Happy Stamping


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